Teagan’s 1st Birthday Party!

Well we did it! We survived the first year of parenthood and had a fun party for Teagan to celebrate. This past year as a new parent has been such a blur, but at the same time it seems like Teagan was just born yesterday. She has changed our lives like I never imagined and inspires me to be a better person every day.

At a year old she is walking, talking (mama, dada, pup pup) and her personality is really starting to shine through more and more each day. She loves mac & cheese, tater tots, her “pup pup” giving kisses, reading books, splashing in the bath, staring at herself in the mirror and, of course, wearing her signature color purple.

We kept her first birthday party pretty small. We really wanted to host it in our home and honestly wasn’t sure how many people our house would comfortably hold once you added a bunch of crazy kiddos to the mix!

I got her outfit and most of the party decor from Etsy. I didn’t get as crazy with the decor as I had hoped. Life just ended up getting in the way, but I’m still happy with the way it turned out!

We had our closest friends and family over for a few hours to celebrate. Teagan is going through a cling to mommy phase, so it took her awhile to warm up to having so many people in her home, but once she did she was in full party mode!

Here are some pictures from the day!

Reflecting about her first fabulous year in this world before her guests arrived…


Showing off her outfit and party hat!


This girl is ready to party! I mean it doesn’t get any cuter than this!DSC_0671

And oh does she know it! ; )


Some of the party decor…DSC_0713

Favors (pink bags for the girls, brown bags for the boys).DSC_0715

The set up!DSC_0716

I did a pink and mint theme (with a hint of gold).DSC_0738

I added some of her newborn pics as part of the decor.DSC_0720

Getting ready to dig into her smash cake!DSC_0776

Blowing out the candles!

Cheese! Proud parents!DSC_0840

We had to give her a taste of the frosting before she officially wanted to dig in…DSC_0868

And a few minutes later boy did she ever! Yep this happened. Love the frosting in the hair! She did this all on her own.DSC_0900

She thinks this whole cake business is pretty great.DSC_0903

She loved smashing the cake…especially in front of her audience of guests. Done like a true diva!DSC_0920

Best day ever!! Yayayayay!!!DSC_0934

Overall it was a great day celebrating our little girl turning one with friends and family!

Happy Birthday, Teagan! We love you!



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